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Knowledgebase : About Personal & Secured Loans
_Yes. You have 24 hrs days to cancel your loan and return the original amount given to you with no further obligations but $25.00 administrative fee applies._
_No. You cannot refinance your loan through us._
_If we are unable to approve your unsecured loan application, you have the option to use your car as collateral as long as your car title is free and clear of liens and is paid in full. Using your free and clear car title as collateral makes it convenient...
_If your loan application is denied, you will receive a letter in the mail within 3-7 business days detailing the reasons for the denial. You will not be considered for a smaller loan amount if your application is denied._
_Yes. There are such fees on all our loans. In fact, most companies charges such fee, but the name may vary from administrative costs, loan fee to loan origination fee._
_Yes. You can only take out one loan at a time._
_Our loan terms vary from 1-5 years, and payment must be made monthly._
_No. There is no prepayment penalty._
_Approval decision is not solely made based on credit score, we look at the whole picture such as positive payment history, monthly salary and your debt ratio._
_You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver license or State ID, gainfully employed and proof of residence._
_Our loans range from $500-$25,000.00_
_Yes, your car will be inspected, but please leave the hard work to us._
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